10 Best Inventions Of The 21st Century

We as the human race have arrived at a relatively peaceful stage; from a disturbing past, boasting centuries of bloodshed and colonisation to delivering goods and services overseas in the 21st century. Acquiring territories was a continuous affair and dominance was the true essence of power in the ancient past. However, in the last 20 years, as luck would have it, the world has not witnessed any cataclysmic event in the name of invasion or war, but rather the focus has shifted to making human life and experience easier through inventions and innovations.

We, humans, are in a ceaseless quest to simplify our experiences and lives, so to perform any activity, be it small or big, with the least amount of physical and mental interference. This trait is what makes us creative and productive. From bullock carts to battery-powered vehicles; from writing letters to use cell phones, human endeavours have never ceased. 

But in the 21st century, every business is trying to win the race by producing its own unique service and product. And these products have not only shaped human behaviour but has also become an essential part of our lifestyle. Some good examples are Facebook, Netflix, Amazon and a million more. 

Today, Geekymonks brings you the 10 best inventions of the 21st century, which besides being creative also aims at having a positive affect on us.

1. Solar Roadways

10 Best Inventions Of The 21st Century- Solar Roadways
Image Sourced from www.solarroadways.com

Roads have single-handedly paved the way for all other inventions and innovations conceived and created throughout human history. And it is a continuous process, as more and more roads are being built to increase connectivity. 

Asphalt is a primary substance used around the globe to build roads. It has zero value of its own and requires restoration regularly. And this futile substance heat-ups the whole day generating heat energy which serves no purpose. Imagine if there was a way to harness the sunlight absorbed by roads; not only would it generate sufficient power but would also help to reduce our dependencies on nuclear power and fossil fuels. 

Paying heed to the above idea, engineers in the USA structurally-engineered solar panels capable of withstanding vehicular traffic. The initiative has been taken by Solar Roadways Incorporated, which is an American company proposing to develop solar-powered road panels. 

Here are a few advantages of these solar panels –

  1. Panels include LED lights to create lines and signage without paint.
  2. They contain heating components to check snow and ice accumulation.
  3. The panels have microprocessors, which allow them to communicate with each other, a central control station, and vehicles.

2. Self-driving cars/ Autonomous Cars

10 best inventions of 21st century- Waymo
Image Sourced from www.waymo.com

People who can drive a car can relate to the feeling sometimes they don’t want to drive or are simply tired or don’t’ have a driver or don’t trust people enough to make them responsible for your life. Well, the future is here – self-driving cars.

The self-driving car is capable of sensing its environment and operating without human interference. The software in the car relies on actuators, sensors, machine learning systems, complex algorithms, and powerful processors to function as a driver.

It can go anywhere a conventional car travels. It operates the same way a standard car functions. There a few limitations to it, but the companies are working towards a safe future. Few names among the companies working in this field are Waymo, BMW, Nissan and Ford.

3. Tarjimly

Image Sourced from www.tarjim.ly

We all are acquainted with the refugee crisis that has engulfed the world due to the instability in the Middle Eastern countries. As most of the refugees have limited capability to speak English and are not well-versed in languages of the host countries, so the conversation and communication are hindered due to interpretation problems. However, there is a new app to resolve his issue for refugees.

Tarjimly is a Chatbot for Facebook Messenger helping in real-time translation on any smartphone. It helps in connecting volunteer translators with refugees and immigrants who need to speak with doctors, aid workers, legal representatives and other crucial services in the host country.

4. POC Helmet Integrity System

Image Sourced from www.pocsports.com

Most of the ski-related accidents become fatal due to subpar helmets or the gradual degradation of the helmet’s effectiveness. With every impact, the helmet weakens. Using sensors embedded in its lining, POC Helmet Integrity System monitors a helmet’s ongoing strength.

If the helmet takes too many hits continuously or it takes one big hit strong enough to create a major deformity, the stress-strain sensors are interrupted and the sign light will display the current status. All you have to do is push a little button on the rear of the helmet that turns red or green. Green light indicates “safe to use” and red light indicates “if you value your life discard the instrument of death”.

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5. Wewalk

Image Sourced from www.wewalk.io

We live in an age where technology has been introduced into every aspect of our lives. It is especially a blessing for people with disabilities; it empowers them and generates a certain level of self-confidence as they become less dependent on others.

Wewalk is a Bluetooth enabled smart cane for the visually impaired. It features two ultrasonic sensors that vibrate to alert the user of imminent danger on the ground and chest levels. The navigation becomes easier with technical support and its user-centered design. With the help of a voice assistant, it can be paired with Google maps, and other features make the application more user friendly for those without sight.

6. Surface Sterilizer

Image Sourced from www.cureuv.com

In these difficult times of a global pandemic, maintaining personal hygiene is essential. Unwanted virus and bacteria are present everywhere but not visible to the naked eye. Even though people are aware of the precautions, reliability is still a question.

For example – If you go to a supermarket to buy some essentials and return, the chances of your clothes or your supplies getting contaminated are high. Pathogens are found everywhere around, however, they concentrate where a food source is available, so it is common for raw food to get contaminated. Without microbiological testing, it is impossible to understand the contamination level.

Surface sterilization working on UV technology enhances the shelf life of food, including bread, meats and also other essentials like shoe rack, uniform cabinet, beds, clothes, etc.

7. Lynq

Image Sourced from www.lynqme.com

Kids or people getting lost in the crowd is not a new issue, it is as old as the inception of human migration itself. A lot of Bollywood movies in the 60s and 70s revolved around this particular theme, which is known as lost & found genre.

Yes, there are cellphones but they still need a network to connect. If only there was a device to help, right? Fret not, there is a solution. Lynq is a people compass that offers a solution that points you in the direction of the other Lynqs (other Lynq users) you’re paired with, across miles. It offers the direction and distance to people in crowds, festivals, remote areas or anywhere under the sky. It does not require a phone, mobile connection or any apps instead it uses long-range, low-power frequencies to connect to other Lynq devices and their GPS for location. 

8. Heattle

10 inventions of 21st century- Heattle
Image sourced from www.yankodesign.com

Warming your room in colder places or season is a known problem. Some people use coal or wood which generates a lot of greenhouse gases and some use eco-friendly alternatives like an electric heater. An electric heater can dry out the air in the room, but it can also cause dry eyes and sore throat. 

Heattle is a combination of a humidifier and a heater in one practical home appliance. It creates an ideal environment for you, providing healthy and comfortable indoor air with energy-efficient practices. It also works as water storage in a form of a kettle for easy usability. It has three settings warming, heating and humidify, which can be used as per requirement.

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9. Y Brush

10 inventions of 21st century- y-brush
Image sourced from www.y-brush.com

Brushing your teeth serves two purposes, cleaning your teeth and working out those biceps. But the issue is only one hand gets the workout unless you use both hands to brush alternatively. Sometimes due to limited time, brushing gets the least priority even though it is not recommended.

Y-Brush automatically deep cleanses your teeth and mouth in just 10 seconds utilising sonic vibrating technology. It ensures effortless deep cleaning with accordance to the Bass technique of brushing. 

Apply any toothpaste and put the Y-brush in your mouth and make a chewing motion. The motor inside the handle vibrates which helps in cleaning the entire teeth all at once.

10. Hydraloop

10 inventions of 21st century- Hydraloop
Image Sourced from www.engadget.com

Fresh Water scarcity is going to be a major concern in the near future. Countries will go to war for water. And we are still not responsible enough to put in a collective effort to save water. Few organisations are working towards conservation but a major part of the population still does not care about it enough. Hyperloop offers a simple way of recycling water. It can recycle 45-85 percent of the household’s water. The best part about it is low maintenance and a self-cleaning unit that uses no filters of membranes that need replacing. It treats water using sedimentation, floatation, UV disinfectant and aerobic bio creator.

Comment your thoughts how you feel about the 10 best inventions of the 21st century.

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