10 Best Video Games Of 2020

So 2020 was … well, from a global viewpoint, not great for people; however, you can’t say the same for gamers because it’s been a damn good year for gaming, so far.

In India, the audience that once enjoyed playing hyper-casual games is seeking more serious gaming experiences. And thanks to the wide array of classic video games up for grabs, the number of passionate gamers utilizing lockdown time to dwell into the virtual world of thrill and entertainment has grown considerably – for good reason.

Being hardcore gamers ourselves, we spent 3 hours last week deciding our prime 10; we’ve researched some of the most trendy, the best strategy games, and more, to bring you Geekymonks 10 best video games of 2020, so far.

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best strategy games


Only a few games are more stimulating and iconic than Final Fantasy VII. It impelled the contemporary, cinematic and dramatic role-playing game. Remarkably, Square Enix has done a legendary job with this remake. And it’s not even a comprehensive experience. Square has cut off the first 600 minutes of the initial game and extended it out into an awesome 40-hour escapade, replete with modern additions. The rest is still in progress, but as of now, this first part is an impressive start.

Platform: PS4


Naughty Dog’s THE LAST OF US PART II was the most anticipated virtual game of the year before its unveil… and even amid that kind of hype, not to mention being the sequel to what we regard to be the UBER game of all time, it didn’t disappoint.

Part II is a raring follow-up that achieves to step up every bit of the original’s purpose, from staggeringly impressive graphics to bold storytelling and larger-scale scenes.

Platform: PS4


What does supporting Tottenham Hotspur F.C., cooking Shepherd’s Pie and being a Kentucky Route Zero fan have in stock? They all require the utmost patience. We won’t go into the many analyses and distress of Spurs here, but it’s fair to say that after seven long years, those who stuck with KRZ deserve the popular point-and-click series’ unique and excellent finale. It’s thoughtful pacing, oddball figures and mysterious realist backdrop make it enjoyable.

All of its five acts are now ready to play on consoles as well as their local PC.

Platforms: PS4, PC, Xbox One, Switch


Ori and the Blindforest; was fairly a few Xbox One exclusives to make PS4 associates green with envy, and the same can be said of its sequel. Will of the Wisps models on the original’s ‘Metroidvania’ game quest in a frantically beautiful 2.5d world by summing a far more complex combat system that gives Ori a far more capable hero status. Although you’ll still have to dash away from some of the game’s monstrous bosses. Fortunately, a lot of the technical concerns present at release have since been fixed, and while we’re still uncertain on whether Ori and the Will of the Wisps is a more enjoyable game than the exalted Blindforest, it’s still agreeably one of the UBER Game Pass gifts to date.

Platform: PC, Xbox One

5. Dreams

Well, we’re not certain whether to even call Dreams a game. It’s a conception tool, and not just for gaming. You will be inspired to make music videos, animations, or art installations with the exceptionally automatic toolset that Media Molecule has built. You’ll find an amazingly varied and frequently exciting selection of experiences conceived by Dreams’ online community.

Platforms: PS4

6. Doom Eternal

Anyone who has experienced creatively slaying demons in the eminent Doom 2016 will be pleased to discover that there are twice as many of them this time around, as well as a multitude of new weapons to execute them with.

The frantic follow-up does try a bit hard to make you care about its narrative, but not quite enough to distract from the game’s core fascination, relentlessly up-tempo ultraviolence and what’s presumably the most pleasant gameplay loop you’ll find in any format this year.

Platforms: PS4, PC, Xbox One, Stadia, Switch


It may not be as legendary as the Half-Life 3 that fans dug for more than a decade, but Half-Life Alyx is not only an excellent and legit new series entry… but it’s also the most engaging and incredible VR game you can play.

Set amidst the first-two-first-person shooter entries, this PC VR exclusive sees you traversing eerie terrain and owning tense shootouts, all magnified by the 360-degree immersion. Game with the Valve Index if you can so that you can take more advantage of those deadly finger-tracking controllers.

Platform: PC VR


Assassin’s Creed Valhalla irrevocably uses one of the most demanded historical themes of the decades (Vikings), but that’s not the only reason why it is on this list or our radar.

The early word was that Assassin’s Creed Valhalla would be built upon the RPG elements of Odyssey in compelling and exciting new ways. And Ubisoft did walk the talk and is one of the more bountiful, satisfying, and enjoyable games of 2020.

Platform: PS4, PS5, XBO, Xbox Series X, PC


Along with The Last of Us Part 2; Ghost of Tsushima serves as one of the ‘The Unfinished Swan’ exclusives of the PS4. Acknowledging the console’s records of high-quality exclusive power titles, this combat game from developer Sucker Punch has a lot in store for gamers.

And, it seems like it might just meet those substantial expectations. Ghost of Tsushima is a confounding game in many ways, but its visuals, music, combat, and visuals look like they may rank as the best video games of this generation.

Platform: PS4

10. NIOH

The original Nioh‘s gripping combat and excellent aesthetic made it one of the more celebrated and compelling entries into the Souls-inspired Action RPG genre. It also betokened Team Ninja’s best work in years.

Nioh 2 achieves to one-up its prequel in many ways. It’s ideal for anyone who liked the original, but we can reliably recommend diving into this title if you’re inquisitive what this franchise is all about.

Platform: PS4

PS: The links to respective games are not sponsored links. It is an independent analysis of the writer.

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