10 Proven Ways To Attract More Instagram Followers

Why are my followers not increasing on Instagram?

Is one of the most searched questions on google.

Ever since the Instagram algorithm was introduced, there has been a drastic change in the visibility of posts on the feed. And the best way to tackle this problem and stay on top of the general feed is to step up your game and break the algorithm.

Building your Instagram account can provide you with countless opportunity to get more instagram followers and ways to earn off of it. That is if you’re willing to put in the effort and commitment towards expanding your base. Whether you’re just a beginner, social media influencer or an entrepreneur looking to grow your Instagram page, we’ve scoured the internet to find you the best and the most effective tips and tricks you can use to organically grow your Instagram followers quickly, and make people want to follow your page and see your post consistently.

Geekymonks brings you a list of key points that you need to consider and commit to daily to grow Instagram followers in no time.

1) Quality Picture

Since Instagram is a visual-based social platform, using high-quality pictures is crucial for a better performance of your profile. Every day, millions of people share images and videos on Instagram. In order, for your post to stand out; a simple, low-quality grainy picture won’t do it; this doesn’t mean that you need to purchase a camera or a more expensive phone. Even the pictures taken with your smartphone can be transformed into something that looks more professional, using the right editing applications.

Adobe Lightroom is one of the best applications to convert a simple picture to look more visually appealing. Furthermore, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with camera tricks and features. Be it understanding perspective, lighting or depth field – it helps. Many videos on the internet teach simple and easy tips, and tricks to click amazing high-quality pictures.

2) Niche

Defining and sticking to a particular niche is crucial for the constant growth and success of your page. Try to identify a niche that is well-reputed in the Instagram community and stick to it. It will help you focus on one group exclusively and in turn, will help you gain organic-true followers, who will stay with you as your page grows. By sticking to one or two of these niches, you can quickly turn your passion into a business and monetize your Instagram account.

We’ve listed some of the most popular niches that profit from Instagram:

  • Beauty
  • Travelling
  • Photography
  • food
  • Fashion
  • Fitness and weight loss
  • Pets
  • Lifestyle
  • Parenting
  • Business

3. Consistency

We cannot stress enough on how important consistency plays a role in your account’s algorithm. Posting a minimum of two images and a few stories every day is necessary for engagement between you and your followers. If you are inconsistent, your posts will stop appearing on the feeds of your followers, and this leads to stagnant account or worst case, you might even start losing your followers.

Once you start posting consistently, the Instagram algorithm will recognize your feed time and make your post appear on your follower’s feeds. But this should be the same all through your Instagram life. What does this mean? Posting more than what you post every day doesn’t affect your algorithm. But once your rate of posting reduces, Instagram reduces the engagement with your followers and this, in turn, leads to a drop in followers.

4) Engagement

Consistency and engagement go hand in hand to reel in organic and real followers. Instagram will boost your posts if there is a lot of activity in your account. It means the constant communication between you and your followers play a major role in keeping your profile noticeable. Getting a lot of likes and comments is a great way to keep your followers engaged.

So, every time you post something, commit the next one or two hours to like and reply to the comments. The replies must be genuine and at least more than four words. It ensures your followers that you are engaged and communicating with them on a more human level rather than the replies looking robotic.

Speaking of engagement, how much time an individual spends on every photo or video that you post plays an important role in your Instagram analytics. You can do this by writing captions with a minimum of 25 to 30 words. Follow accounts of a similar niche, like and comment on their post. Try to make your comment as catchy as possible without making it look like cliché.

5) Instagram Stories

We had to specifically make Instagram stories a different point/heading for a precise reason. Instagram stories play an important role in engagement, consistency and time management, which in turn results in gaining massive followers.

  • Interactive Stories: This is one of the best ways to keep your followers engaged to you. Use all the features like polls, Instagram live, questions, countdown, quiz etc.
  • Attractive Stories: It is important to make your stories very catchy and attractive. Your Instagram stories are the first thing that someone views even before they open your profile. You can do this by using certain apps like Scrl, Snow, Storyart and Canva to make your Instagram stories look more fun and quirkier.
  • You can use the Instagram story to let people know about your post. It will ensure that a person who did not see your post on their feed will know about it once they see your story.

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6) Location

Adding a location to every single post will increase the visibility of your Insta post on a larger scale. Your post might be noticed by a person who searches for pictures or videos or even stories related to that specific location.

7) Hashtags

A lot of Instagrammers believe that using the most popular hashtags will make their post more noticeable. Though it works sometimes, most of the time your Insta post disappears from these popular hashtags in no time. It is because tens and thousands of users are posting different pictures and videos using the same hashtags. Instead, use the not so common but less noticed hashtags. This middle ground is a way for you to get seen in a very overcrowded digital world of photos and videos.

Instagram’s limits the use of hashtags to 30, which is not so bad considering that you’ll be using all 30, at least in the beginning. It should include specific niche hashtags, popular hashtags and medium ones. That’s the right way for your profile to get some attention.

8) Time

Oversee when your followers are the most active during the day. It will help you decide the right time to post. If your followers are more active between 8 am to 10 am. Post the picture at 7 am or 7 30 am. It will make your post appear on the top of your follower’s feeds. The time you post is as crucial as everything mentioned above.

9) Create A Brand

Whether you are a business owner or an influencer, creating a brand is essential. Creating a unique identity for people to remember you is beneficial to expand your base. To do this, create a profile name that is easy and appealing for everyone to remember. And it is a business account, mention your location with the brand – E.g. XYZ Photography New York. By doing this, your page will show up when someone searches for photographers in New York. instagram followers

10) Giveaway

Giveaway is a great way to grab the attention and gain followers on a large scale. By asking your followers to tag friends and making it compulsory to like and follow, you can look forward to gain many followers in no time. But remember to do a Giveaway, your profile has to have a few interesting posts that can make your new followers want to follow you even after the giveaway is over.


Instagram is a fast-growing platform. No matter what niche you pick, there will always be a way for you to turn this passion into a business and monetize your account; but only if you pledge to grow. Follow these steps and we assure you, you will start to see results very soon.

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