7 Practices For A Healthy Lifestyle

“Her world was a mess, so she lost herself in the wonderland of madness.” – this quote from Alice And Wonderland, is the best way to describe the collective state of our world and our lives. There is an endless flow of necessary and unnecessary knowledge, and untold and trivial information is fired upon on us through social media, television, and newspapers. We tend to get affected by this trivial information and try to find validation for our thoughts among our peer groups. 

Sometimes we may not be interested in a topic but we follow the herd so that we don’t feel left out. There has been a significant change in human behaviour due to the current scenario. Food habits, sleep cycle, fashion, interpersonal relations and a lot more has taken a drastic shift from the traditional way of life to disaster. Seldom involuntarily, it leads to a less healthy lifestyle. 

A healthy lifestyle in layman’s term would be the optimum use of life resources to produce the best possible results for one’s body, mind and soul. In general, if you are healthy, you are positive, and if you are positive, you have everything. 

We bring you the 7 practices for a healthy lifestyle. Have a look!

practices for a healthy lifestyle

1. Drink Water 

The most basic habit we should follow to stay healthy is to drink sufficient water. Most drink when it becomes necessary. Water constitutes about 55-60% of the human body weight. Water is highly essential for the optimal functioning of the human brain and to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Here are a few benefits of water are mentioned below:

  • It increases energy and prevents muscle fatigue
  • It helps in detoxification
  • It acts as a cushion for the brain, neural structure, and other sensitive tissues.
  • It helps in regulating body temperature.

One indicator of dehydration is when the colour of the urine turns yellow; it can lead to many diseases. We suggest you not to push your body that far. Moreover, drinking water at regular intervals increases productivity by 15%.

practices for a healthy lifestyle, exercise

2. Exercise

Most successful CEOs, entrepreneurs, and actors exercise regularly. Investing time on something is not easy. However, exercising is one investment that always generates profits in return. Research studies have shown exercise directly increases productivity. A common misconception is an exercise only helps in weight loss; it has many benefits.

  • It increases focus by eliminating random thoughts 
  • It initiates discipline in life.
  • It helps in achieving optimum physical and mental health.
  • It boosts our immunity
  • It helps in maintaining our metabolism.

There are various types of exercises we can choose according to our lifestyle. However, we must inculcate the habit of exercising daily.

practices for a healthy lifestyle

3. Meditation

Our mind is like a plane on autopilot, flying in all directions without control. Meditation assists us in becoming the pilot and controlling our thoughts. For example, while watching a movie, if our mind keeps wandering, we lose focus. You may be present in real-time watching a movie; cognitively you maybe skiing in Switzerland or thinking about some past event.

Meditation helps us in living in the present moment and thus aids in increasing productivity. It has been practised for thousands of years as a technique to increase mental capacity and awareness. The benefits of meditation are numerous; a selected few are;

  • It improves focus and memory
  • It declutters your brain and increases planning capacity
  • It increases blood circulation to the brain.
  • It helps in decreasing stress.
  • It improves awareness.

Meditation is a struggle initially but has tremendous benefits once you master self-control. Moreover, there are various videos and apps available online to help you in the process. 

practices for a healthy lifestyle, money management

4. Money Management 

A lot of us have dubious money management skills; most of us are impulsive buyers. However, money management skills can be learnt from the elementary level. However, the current education system does not focus on money management. In the previous generation, our parents focused more on saving money rather than managing it; they taught us the same thing. Once we start earning, initial few months we keep on fulfilling our desires, things we always wanted but could not afford, slowly it becomes a habit therefore we start living on paycheque to paycheque. With the current banking scenario that promotes lending, we are wooed with offers on loans and credit cards. 

Thus, many fall for the materialistic wants and keep digging graves for ourselves. Financial distress affects almost every aspect of life, professional, and personal. The constant thought of financial problem feels like a hanging sword on our neck. It is bound to affect our productivity.

We are in a pandemic, that has resulted in the lockdown of almost all activities around the world. Millions are suffering financially. Virtuous people have been forced to commit crimes due to desperation. However, a lot of this distress could have been avoided to a certain extent through money management skills. Money management helps in achieving financial independence. It is like a permanent umbrella, if it rains you are fine, and if it doesn’t rain you are still safe.

practices for a healthy lifestyle

5. Set specific goals but don’t obsess over them

A famous line from a song by Michael David Rosenberg (Passenger) states–

Life’s for the living so live it

or you’re better off dead

People usually do not understand the basic difference between living and surviving. If you are breathing, it only implies you are alive. To live is to enjoy life. Just waking up, going through the day, and sleeping at night then repeating the same action, again and again, leads to a monotonous and less productive lifestyle.

Setting goals helps you break this cycle. So, make a list of goals and restrict them to a realistic time frame. For example, learning to play the guitar is not a goal it is a desire but learning to play the guitar within six months is a goal. Having a specific set of targets and achieving them allows you to grow your personality and self-confidence.

Working towards a goal is fulfilling but do not obsess over the final result. Sometimes things don’t happen as planned, so keep working at your speed. Never compare yourself with another person who is pursuing the same goal. It will lead to dissatisfaction and anxiety. The purpose of this exercise is to remove negative emotions from our life not run towards them. Just remember to enjoy the journey.

If you wake up every day and feel excited thinking about what lays ahead, you are on the right path.

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practices for a healthy lifestyle

6. Create a morning routine

On average, the workday starts around 09:00 am for a lot of people. If someone wakes up at 05:00 am, then there is a window of four hours before starting work. Positively utilizing these hours will help you in having a productive day. Having a morning routine has its own set of benefits like it makes you focused, energetic and generates self-confidence as you have ample time to work on yourself. 

Creating a morning routine is a trial and error method. You have to constantly experiment and find the right fit for you for the best possible results. There is no permanent set of rules. However, it can be evolved through time. Most of the successful people in the world follow the below-mentioned routine, you can take references from them:

  • Wake up early – To have a morning routine, you have to wake up early. Initially, it would be hard to wake up early. Nevertheless, with consistent effort, you can accomplish it.
  • Drink warm water with lemon and ginger-First thing in the morning, drink a glass of warm water with lemon and ginger, rather than tea or coffee. It is very refreshing, and you will like the tangy taste.
  • Exercise – Mornings are the best time to work out. The energy level goes down naturally in the evening, and then you start looking for reasons to skip working out. My preferred mix of workout is cardio and yoga. You can do weight training in a limited capacity if you are not interested in bulking your body.
  • Meditation – Meditate for 20 minutes. It helps you cool down and gather your thoughts for the day.
  • Plan your day – The last part of your routine should be planning your day. Make a list of tasks to accomplish during the day and the order in which they will be done. It may take around 15 minutes, but you will have ample time to complete your daily tasks like taking shower, having breakfast, and getting ready for work.
practices for a healthy lifestyle

7. Avoid social media during sleep

We, in the 21st century, have become obsessed with social media. Facebook, Instagram, and various other applications are addictive, and we are so used to scrolling impulsively, that we open these apps off and on. Therefore, our attention span has become very small, and we get distracted by the notification sound very easily.

It also affects our sleep pattern, and we end up spending hours in the night scrolling. A good amount of sleep is required to have a productive day, and any deviation from it affects our focus and makes us feel tired all day. Refrain from using social media before sleeping and instead review the day and reflect on your mistakes and achievements. 

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