8 Smartphone Myths Debunked

There are many common smartphone myths that everyone until now believes to be “hacks” and “facts”. However, these myths are not facts but rather misplaced beliefs; rot of misinformation, running so deep that even a few experts spew fallacies without realising how inaccurate they are. And with 4 billion phone users in the world, it’s not just absurd to believe in these phone myths but is likewise dangerous!

Today, we are going to debunk a few common smartphone myths with the help of science, rather than tell-tales to expose myths concerning smartphones’ RAM, processor, functionality and more.

Smartphone Myths

1. If you close your background apps your phone will speed up

We all can agree that our phones can only manage so much, and having several apps open at the same time, must be a bit of a drain. However, the most modern and advanced smartphones are devised to enhance foreground tasks while any number of trivial apps are serving harmlessly in the background. Cleaning-out background apps from time to time is a fine habit, but it won’t speed up your phone processor if you do.

2. A bag of rice is the best option to dry your phone

If you ever let your smartphone take a swim in a pool, there’s a good possibility it’s going to die – which is why you are recommended to carry a sack of raw rice, or so says the world. While rice does suck up the moisture, it only manages to absorb if the grains can touch the moisture, which they clearly can’t when the moisture is inside your firm phone. What’s more, you ask; the dusty rice starch can work its way through the tiny cracks and may end up causing more damage.

3. Your smartphone won’t get scratched if you use a screen protector

Initially, when the first set of touchscreen smartphones came out, they were designed with delicate, sensitive glass that was highly responsive to chips, scratches and cracks. But since 2014, all the notable handset manufacturers have been pioneering super-tough “Gorilla Glass” screen displays that can even withstand the impact of a sharp knife. So don’t do what most of the millennials are doing; it simply isn’t the case anymore.

4. Better camera is synonymous with more Megapixels

Let’s cut to the chase; if you are looking for a good phone with a better camera, snub the Megapixel count and go for more important features instead: the lens, the quality of the sensor, and the picture/image processor. Here’s a thing, unless you want to make big billboards, there is no point having a crazed megapixel option on your 5” or 6” smartphone; think about it.

Quality of the sensor, the lens and the picture/image processor, matters more than Megapixels! Megapixel conflict settled years ago. So, let’s move on!

5. Phone radiation can fry an egg

During the initial days of mobile frenzy, there were all sorts of terror tales about radioactivity and radiation. The most pressing came from a series of YouTube videos that showed an egg heating up between two ringing cellphones – apparently describing your brain’s condition when you speak over the phone. But, the only quandary is, it is all a lie. Mobile phones do emit an infinitesimal quantity of radiation, but you’d need about 6,000 cellphones to even excite an egg.

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6. Drain your battery fully before charging it

A decade ago, mobile phones were powered by NiMH (Nickel-metal hydrate) and NiCAD (Nickel-Cadmium) batteries that served longer if you drained before charging them up again. But if you’ve purchased a phone in the last four or five years, you’ll be aware that it comes with a Lithium-ion battery, which doesn’t really have “cell memory” like the most traditional units – indicating it makes no difference if you recharge from 5% or 80%.

7. Overnight charging is killing your phone’s battery

Another dark age myth that’s leftover from the outdated phones. The outmoded phones were not devised well enough to know when they were fully charged, which meant it was a poor idea to leave them connected in for long extents overnight. However, modern phones aren’t termed “smart” for nothing though – they all cease to draw power as soon as it reaches 100%.

8. Taking out or removing the SIM card from someone’s phone keeps you from being tracked

What makes no sense, however, is every movie glorifies an action hero trying to elude the police by removing his SIM card, and most of the thieves think they are action heroes. What these so-called smart people don’t understand is that the smartphone would still have power in the battery, it can be traced by the authorities. When an action hero throws away his SIM card in a movie, it just suggests he’s going to have to get a new agreement.


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