How To Stay Mentally Fit During Covid-19

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has spread its wings into just about every sphere of our lives at this juncture. Far from bringing about medical havoc, it’s also hit many other areas. And for those who have been laid off from their jobs because of economic distress, the emotional devastation is evident.

Overset travel ideas, uncertain isolation, confusion over limited resources and media overload could be an unprecedented recipe for unchecked mental problems like anxiety and feelings of loneliness.

So, here are a few ways you could stay mentally fit during Covid-19.

Follow a routine

Staying Mentally Healthy during the coronavirus

We know how essential a routine is; especially for children, under normal circumstances. And when schools, institutions, and establishments are shut; for many people stuck at home or working from home, it might seem like the writing is on the wall. But it’s important for everyone’s mental well-being, to try to keep a routine going, as much as possible.

Exercise at home for 30 minutes or so

Staying Mentally Healthy during the pandemic

Working out at home during these difficult times is certainly a good way to stay strong. There are lots of alternatives, from the old-school to 21st-century therapies; many online fitness experts are offering easy access or longer free trial periods during the lockdown, which might be worth trying. But again, anything that gets your spirit up or strengthens your muscle is excellent for both mental and physical health.

Watch movies and stay entertained

Coronavirus mental issues during lockdown

As we are all told to stay at home for a while longer due to the coronavirus pandemic, watching feel-good movies can make us feel better while also increasing our knowledge of film culture. Movies may be a better option to focus on during this pandemic as they will open up the gates of the cinema world for us.

Take up meditation

beneficial for everyone’s mental well-being

Meditation helps to decrease signs of anxiety and depression, and also improve the volume of certain areas of the brain, forming a more balanced relationship to our thoughts, and our sensations. However, if meditation isn’t for you, just breathing gently might be. Controlled respiration has been used for centuries to soothe the mind. So practise meditation and see the difference.

Maintain community and social connection

beneficial for everyone’s mental well-being

As we know, we’re social animals, and during emergencies, it’s normal to want to unite. Social connectivity is perhaps the most prominent determinant of well-being there is. Nevertheless, it’s the contrary of what we can do right now, so we have to be creative, to manage both emotional closeness and a sense of community. Social media and texting are ok, but to use the phone to talk or videoconference, or having a safe-distance chat at home, is presumably much better.

Practise gratitude

Stay Mentally Fit During Covid-19

This is debatable! And yes it is not one of the easiest things to do in these times, especially if you’ve observed the more harsh effects of the Coronavirus pandemic. But practicing gratitude for the things we do has shown again and again to be hugely helpful for mental health. Believe it or not, gratitude is a central principle of most philosophies and religions around the world. One can also achieve this by using pearls as per their zodiac signs.

Follow these tips to stay mentally fit during the pandemic and also comment in the comment section to let us know your take on mental health and its importance.

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