6 Super Healthy Drinks For Your Body (and 3 unhealthy drinks to Skip)

Geekymonks brings you the six super healthy drinks for the body and three unhealthy drinks to skip. Have a look!

Healthy Drinks for your body- Tea

Super Healthy Drinks For The Body:

1. Water

Water is not just a healthy drink for your body, but a necessity. It counters dehydration, kidney stones and constipation. Plus, with no additives or calories, it’s the best drink for your body. If you add 4 to 6 cups of water a day to your diet, you could end up taking in less fat, sugar, salt, and up to 300 fewer calories per day. Too bland for your taste buds? Well! Every good thing comes in its purest form. So, drink 2 to 3 litres water to see the best results.

2. Filtered Coffee

Coffee has received a serious rap before, but researches show it may protect against liver disease, type 2 diabetes, and reduce the odds of heart disease. Two to four cups a day seems to be wholesome, as long as you go light on the butterfat and sugar. But if you’re expecting or breastfeeding, ask your physician how much to sip. If you have high cholesterol, ferment yours with a paper filter. It gets rid of an essence called cafestol that can inflate LDL cholesterol.

3. Tea

Black, green and other kinds of tea holds chock-full of antioxidants, which may defend you against types of stroke, cancer, a heart condition, and high blood pressure. Also, unsweetened teas are moderate in calories. You can have it iced or hot, the wholesomest kinds are the ones you prepare at home — without the additives that bottled beverage will have.

4. Milk

It’s a substation of nutrients like vitamin D, calcium, and potassium, which keep your teeth, muscles, and bones strong. And a mug of it has larger protein content than an egg. To get more nourishment from fewer calories, look for skim and low-fat options. Moreover, other non-dairy kinds of milk such as almond, soy, and others have the same amount of nutrients as cow’s milk.

5. Fruit Juice

If it’s 100% fruit juice, it retains vitamins of its original content. Without fibre, most of what you get from this juice is sugar. A container of a no-sugar-added extract with breakfast or a meal is fine, but for children and adults, it’s sufficient to eat the fruit in its complete form and limit how much fluid you get. If you just appreciate the flavour, add a splash or two to a glassful of water.

6. Coconut Water

It is one of the purest and nutritious liquid you’d find in this list. It has glucose, electrolytes and fewer calories than many sports beverages or fruit juices. Still, the nutrients differ a lot from brand to brand. Also, some tender coconut water is flavoured with added sugar, so double-check the label.

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Unhealthy Drinks To Skip

1. Soft Drinks

They have no essentials, and they’re filled with sugar. People who consume one or two a day take in more calories and may have larger body weight. Moreover, you’re also more prone to get type 2 diabetes and other health problems.

2. Energy Drinks

They profess to give you assistance with big doses of caffeine — equal to 5 to 6 cups of coffee — and other essential ingredients like B vitamins, guarana, and ginseng. Most have packs of additives and sweeteners, too. You may get a short bump in sharpness, but don’t believe the hype about more strength, energy, and power. What you’ll get is too much caffeine and too many calories, which can cause unhealthy heart rhythms, agitation, insomnia, and digestive difficulties.

3. Diet Soda

Diet beverages are associated with problems such as type 2 diabetes and health conditions. And over time, some specialists think their synthetic sweeteners may make you put on weight by deceiving your body into craving more calories. But if you’re seeking to cut back on daily soda and diet variants, maybe a great way to help you make turn to other healthier drinks and water.

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Let us know in the comment section if you are going to strictly adhere to the healthy drinks listed above or make some changes?

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