Top 5 Budget Fitness Trackers In India

Fitness trackers or bands are a new trend in the market. There are a number of budget fitness trackers in India under the range of 5000 rupees. And in this article, we will let you know the best budget fitness trackers available in the Indian market.

While smart fitness bands or trackers haven’t seen the movement of a revolution that smartphones have, we have still noticed developments varying from battery, design, software and features. These avant-garde wearables or budget fitness trackers now make a lot more sense and buzz if we compare them with other smart devices.

Moreover, Gen X’ers prefer buying a smart fitness tracker or band rather than buying a normal watch. Such has been the craze for these fitness trackers that watch manufacturers have started foraying into budget fitness trackers.

Today, we are going to analyse the top 5 budget fitness trackers in India. Have a look!

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1. Xiaomi Mi Smartband 4

Xiaomi, a Chinese manufacturing company has managed to amaze us with its product offerings. The Mi Smart Band 4 is one of the best budget fitness trackers that is available in the market. It sports a 0.95-inch colour AMOLED screen that is protected by 2.5D tempered glass. It also comes with an anti-fingerprint coating. 

Coming to the sensors, the MI Smart Band 4 houses a 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope and a heart rate sensor that helps in 24*7 heart rate monitoring. It is powered by a 135mAh battery that can last up to 20 days on a single charge. It comes with a magnetic charging dock that is super easy to charge. 

This smart band is also equipped to track six kinds of workouts/ sports. It is one of the few bands that supports music control. With third-party apps, you have the option to choose from an unlimited watch faces. In addition to that, the band can also track your sleeping patterns but there is one major drawback in this feature that very few people have mentioned.

This fitness tracker is not capable of tracking sleeping patterns during the daytime. But besides that, other features including alarm, incoming call and app notifications, phone locator and phone unlock (if you have a Xiaomi mobile-only) make it more unique from the other budget fitness trackers. 

You also get idle alerts which will remind you for a quick spin during these work from home scenarios. The device is likewise water-resistant up to 50m, but without any IP rating, and is capable of handling rain and shower sessions easily.  

Download the Mi Fit app from play store or Apple Store to connect your smartphone and the Mi Fit 4 to get it started. All in all, this is the best smart band in India right now.

Click on the image to buy Honor Band 5 at INR 2,199.
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2. Honor Band 5

Honor, a leading manufacturing company under HUAWEI group, has something up its sleeve to give Xiaomi a run for its money in the Budget fitness trackers category. It has come up with its own fitness band known as the Honor Band 5. It is powered by a 100mAh battery capacity that can give a battery life up to 14 to 15 days. This can be paired with the Huawei Health-App from the Playstore or App Store in Apple products. The fitness tracker can track your sleep with its TruSleep technology. 

Furthermore, it tracks 9 sports that include outdoor, indoor running, walking, indoor and outdoor cycling, swimming, and more. However, if there is one feature that is amazing, it is the SpO2 feature. This helps in tracking the oxygen saturation level in the bloodstream which lets you know how your body is adapting during workouts or while being at higher altitude. This is a nice feature for those who are into fitness. You can also control volume and music with this fitness band. 

It is a 5ATM 50 meters water-resistant band which means it can easily endure while you are showering. Other features like step count, calorie burnt, distance covered, alarm, app and call notifications, reading email, stopwatch, find your phone, caller ID, 24 hours heart rate tracking are available. Talking about the display, it sports a full-colour AMOLED screen which is bright, both inside and outside the environment.

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3. Realme Band

They say it is better late than never and Realme is an ideal paradigm for that maxim. Over time, Realme has managed to dethrone few companies with their top-notch devices. This budget fitness tracker is no different than the other quality products offered by Realme. The fitness band comes with a premium and minimalist design.

The 0.96 inches colour display is bright enough to be visible under sunlight. It is equipped to track 9 sports, including cricket mode. Realme calls it a made in India band because of this feature. So, if you are someone who plays cricket and wants to keep track of your playing and practise sessions then you know which one is best for you. 

Plus, it comes with all the basic functionalities like sleep tracking, real-time heart rate monitor, idle alerts, lifts wrist to wake up, smart notifications. IP68 water-resistant rating, personalized dial faces. But, there are a couple of features that can outsmart others. Realme band is configured to remind you to drink water at regular intervals; helping you stay hydrated throughout the day.

Unlike others, Realme fitness tracker comes with a USB direct charger. This means that you don’t need a charging cable, you can directly plug it into a USB port and charge the device. The Smart band weighs around 20 grams, making it a comfortable wear. The environmental friendly polymer material is super easy to fit in most wrists comfortably. And the device is available in three different colours- Black, Yellow and Green. Personally, we like the green colour.

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Click on the image to buy Samsung Galaxy Fit e at INR 2,490.
Currently, as per Samsung offer, it is available at INR 2,199
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4. Samsung Galaxy Fit e

Samsung’s budget offering is unique and looks premium to wear. The fitness band is available in 3 colours, Black, White and Yellow. We like the yellow ones as it stands out from the rest. Features like continuous heart rate monitoring, 50m water resistance, lift your wrist to wake up, track sports activities and notifications at a glance.

But, as we mentioned there are some unique features in this band; like, when connected with the Samsung Health app, the band can automatically track your activities. It will also record the heart rate at the start of an activity, and help you monitor your developments with ease. It can easily detect walking, running and dynamic workout. 

Samsung claims that this band has gone through military-grade durability tests to give you the confidence to wear it anywhere. The minimalist and lightweight design make it comfortable to wear throughout the day.

However, one downside to the Samsung Galaxy Fit e is the battery backup, which is relatively low, with a battery backup of 7 to 10 days depending upon the usage is worrisome. But, if you are okay with the battery backup then this band is best for you given the reputation Samsung carries in the industry.

Click on the image to buy Xiaomi Mi Band 3 at INR 1,399.
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5. Xiaomi Mi Band 3

We know this was last year’s offering by Xiaomi but this is still a good choice and is one of the best budget fitness trackers in the market. The fitness band sports a 0.78 inch OLED screen that is slightly not up to to the mark when compared to the Mi Band 4. But, it does the job of being a good fitness tracker as it has almost all the features when compared to its successor.

Is equipped to alert you of all the notifications from popular apps like Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp and more. With Mi Band 3, you don’t have to worry about sitting idle for a long period as the band is going to notify you if you sit at the same place for a considerable amount of time. It is also capable of tracking your steps and heartbeat accurately.

Also, how can we forget about sleep tracking? Xiaomi’s algorithm is able to distinguish between deep and light sleep which gives you an idea about the nature of sleep you had every night. 

The fitness tracker is waterproof up to 50 meters and 5ATM certified, which means you can dive into water without any second thoughts. The band is also capable of showing you weather forecasts, instant notifications like calls, texts, WhatsApp, and more.

Moreover, you can customize these app notifications in Xiaomi’s Mi Fit Application. Event reminders and alarms can be set as per convenience. The 110 mAh battery is capable enough to provide a battery life of up to 20 days. The sensor department is held by the 3-axis accelerometer and PPG heart rate sensor. To sum it up this is a fitness band that cares for you naturally.

Don’t think much, just choose the one that suits you the most out of the above Budget Fitness Trackers In India.

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This is not a sponsored or affiliate article. The reviewer has written based on his experience and all the features mentioned are true to the best of the knowledge.


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